2,000 YouTube Subscribers: (9 Years, 7 Months, and 8 Days)

… not exactly sprinting to that goal, are we…?

About a year and a half ago I broke 1,000 YouTube subscribers, taking me 8 years and 10 days to do it.

I didn’t have any plans or goals to double it but it just kind of continued to grow, at a snail’s pace I might add, especially compared to all of the young and super-cool / hip YouTubers now who are really trying to go hard at it (i.e. trying to make it a full-time income thing).

Apparently this is really a thing.


But, as I mention on this mild, celebratory vlog, this is kind of “par for course” for me, in most areas of my life: The slow and steady wins the race type of thing.

Or rather, more specifically, I try not to worry about the metrics or numbers and try to spend most of my time just executing, building, and creating the very things that I want to exist in the world.

There is, of course, no guarantee of a reward when you operate this way (and even if you didn’t, there’s still no guarantee!) but that’s not why I’ve built what I’ve built and done what I’ve done for most things in my life.

I think a big part of my own personal legacy will reflect that I simply showed up, did the work that I felt that mattered, and hopefully made the world a (slightly) better place then when I entered into it. I guess this is still how I define success – sometimes it means just not quitting.

All good! The race is against yourself.

As I shared in the vlog, I taking a stab at how long it might take me to get to 3,000 subscribers; I’ll venture a guess at 12 solid months… so, sometime in November of 2019 I’ll cross that mark and that’ll be neat.

It won’t mean much more than just that – a simple number, but, that’s okay as that’s just my m.o…. and I’m really good with that… and I’m really good with “starting at bad“.