2nd Generation, Evangelizing Through the Web


The Ignite Conference this past weekend was great. What an amazing opportunity to speak to the next generation of asian-american leaders!

My keynote that morning was about character and how God cares more about this than anything else that we may do (I gave my Campus Pastor @JeffHenderson mucho props). My breakout covered the “Strategy of Free” as well as a healthy Q/A.

A local news affiliate interviewed me and wrote the following story above, which I couldn’t really understand; the Google Translation attempt didn’t fare too well either.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m Korean, not Korean-Korean.

Practically this means (at least for me) that I don’t leally speaky corean soo bery gud.

The title of the story, though, is interesting: 2nd Generation, We Now Evangelize on the Web.



Thanks to Allan Schroeder’s wife, here’s the translated version:

2nd Generation Calling People to Church on the Web

NorthPoint Church Web Director John Saddington small group teaching.

North Point Community Church web director John Saddington on Saturday the 14th at a small group session during the Ignite Conference at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The small groups theme is The Strategy of “Free” there is lots of opportunities through the web. He suggests through the theme that there is so much ability for online missions. Even through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter we can invite people to church.

John Saddington is now the director of web development at North Point Church as well as lending a hand in web development at a Korean church and a multi-cultural church.

Saddington says that if an emerging country needs money to drill a well, we can ask friends through Twitter for donations, even 1 dollar can make a difference. Because he is well known through Facebook and Twittter, Saddington feels $1 is not a huge request.

Another way John is reaching out is by sharing his special story on his blog.

Adopted from Korea, Saddington said “you can recognize from my name that I am adopted into an American Family. He struggled with the different culture, confusing identities, loneliness, and even attempted suicide. “But God held on to me so I can be here now.” When we honestly share our life story, we can touch their hearts and we can invite them to church.

(photo) This small group session of 30 students was a question and answer session for John Saddington.

One student asked do you think it’s possible to create an online church only on the internet? Saddington answered, “that’s impossible”, because while possible to create an online church, it is not possible for baptism, and God sent Jesus to be a role model and the Church needs to be a visual role model to non believers.

He is now attending Dallas Theological Seminary and studying “Christian Education. To find out more about John Saddington, visit www.johnsaddington.com.

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