The Apple Store’s 3 A’s

An Apple Genius (No, That's Not Me... Not All Asians Look the Same.)

An Apple Genius (No, That’s Not Me… Not All Asians Look the Same.)

Many of us have had the experience of walking into an Apple Store and being completely thrilled with the customer service having us leave with euphoric feelings of satisfaction.

Heck, we’ll even update our status or tweet to the world about such-and-such sweet service and how you loooooooooooooove being an Apple user.

And that’s their goal, by the way. In fact, it’s been literally trained into the staff’s skills from Day #1. I’ve heard of the legendary “3 A’s of Customer Service” but it was only until a friend came into my life who actually worked at an Apple Store that corroborated this practice and technique.

Here are the 3 A’s of Apple Customer Support:

A – Acknowledge that their concerns are valid.

A – Align with the customer, agreeing that you would feel the same were you in their shoes.

A – Assure the customer that you will be able to solve their problem to their satisfaction.

Now that it’s been codified for me I literally walk into the Apple Store expecting to get hit with the 3 A’s and if I don’t I get disappointed.

Try it next time and see what happens – now that you know what they are you can somewhat reverse-engineer your experience to make sure you’re getting the best handling possible.

Oh, this Apple rep isn’t “aligning” with me… I need alignment!

But the key takeaway here is how I view Customer Support and what I’m trying to do over in my own Support System – acknowledge that the user is having some issues and that their experience is legitimate and real, align in some form or fashion that it does, in fact, suck that this is a problem, and then assure the user that we’re going to find a solution that works, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Of course, it’s easier said than done.