📻 — 3 Must-Have Ingredients for Growing (and New) Communities

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A bit of a shorter issue today as I plan on spending most of my day finding, securing, and bringing home a 🎄!! Wish me luck!

Chad Neufeld and Amanda Moloney sit down for a brief (but packed!) chat about how to launch an online community — I thought I’d share my notes on this brief exchange and give you all the goods, per usual!

Let’s jump in… it’s a simple question & answer session between the two!

Chad: What is the most important thing to think about when considering a launch of a new community?

Amanda: The conversation usually starts with technology (features & functionality) but where folks need to start is with purpose:

  1. Why are you building this community?
  2. What will the value be for your organization?
  3. What will the value be for the participants?

Without the 3rd, there really isn’t a community.

They look so comfortable in those chairs.

Chad: What are 3 things that all successful communities have present?

Amanda: You’ll need these three key ingredients:

  1. The first thing you need is organizational support, connections to the marketing, social, and technology / product teams.
  2. The second thing is to have the right people in the community — people who are already passionate about the things that you’re building the community around. These might be followers on existing social channels or have existing contacts / relationships.
  3. Successful communities give their participants valuable things to do, leveraging their experience and passion to help solve collective problems and topics to discuss.
Full interview here.

Chad: What are some obvious characteristics of a successful community?

Amanda: There are a two important characteristics that all successful communities have:

  1. The moderator or community leader who acts as the “professional host” to welcome new members, nurture new topics, and to keep the conversation going and lively.
  2. Healthy recruitment needs to be a priority because all members have a “limited lifespan” of how long they’ll be in the community — they won’t be there forever. Bringing in new voices and new ideas to the conversation is important for a healthy community.

Chad: What is one question that you were asked more frequently?

Amanda: I wish people would ask me how long it takes to build a healthy community! It definitely is something that you need to think about as a long-term investment, the value in the community comes over time as those connections happen between the members and the brand.

This is a year-long project, not a 3-month project type of thing.

Appreciate these tactical (and short!) videos! You can find more information about Chaordix here — there are many other great options listed here in The Yeniverse! Have a great weekend!