3 Reasons to Blog

If you’ve been reading my stuff here on the blog for any amount of time then you’ve probably already encountered many times over my thoughts around why blogging and consistently writing is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

I decided, via my new vlog, to spend a few moments sharing my thoughts on video. Check it:

Cliff Notes:

  1. It makes you an infinitely better communicator (which helps your entire life, period).
  2. It opens doors, opportunities, jobs… and more.
  3. It teaches you about the power of “showing up,” long-term investments, and doing the work.

All of these things I’ve expounded on in great detail previously, but, some of you might be more new around these parts, so, this is a gift for you!

Also, if you’re interested in starting (or restarting) a new blog, here’s what I think about that:

Get going!

Have a good one folks.