3 Years Sober

It’s been three glorious years without alcohol:

No more.

My last drink as December 4th, 2016 and outside any accidental consumption (food cooked in wine or something like that) I haven’t intentionally lifted a glass to my parched lips in over 1,000 straight days.

Yes… you can give me a clap for that! 👏🏼

It is impossible to communicate how much better my life is without the spiced-rum, my long-time favorite. And, I hope that anyone reading this will consider removing it from their life, entirely.

Even if you don’t have any issues with it… what if you just decided not to drink it, at all? Just decide. And then just choose something different when given a choice.

It’s amazing how much (social) pressure some of us feel to drink; isn’t that something sad? And those people pressuring you—are they really your friends? Something to think about, surely.