3 Fundamental Theories to the IT Industry

I can’t remember where I first heard these (it may have been from the founders of Linux and/or Red Hat…) but I’ve been thinking about them recently as I’ve been coaching a number of new startups that we’ve invested in as well as more than a handful of young entrepreneurs through local programs like Endevvr.

Here as three fundamental theories in the IT industry:

  1. It all happened by accident
  2. It was done by amateurs
  3. Nothing has really changed


Yet, isn’t it true? It only takes a moment to review nearly all of the startup ideas that I’ve started and I was, at the time, ill-equipped and unprepared, much of it I had stumbled on by accident, and there hasn’t been a single thing that I’ve done that has been necessarily ground-breaking or truly innovative or new.

In other words, I have lived these theories my entire life. Yet, I have felt fulfilled in what I get to do and very satisfied about the work that was produced. I didn’t feel so bad about being a constant n00b at everything and it didn’t bother me terribly that I was so unoriginal, all the time.

And I think that’s okay. I have never had aspirations to change the world as all I’ve wanted to do is to exist well and be a pretty decent human being.