3 Things That I’ve Never Done On Any of My Previous Blogs

[tentblogger-vimeo 16793948]

Today’s Live Broadcast was a fun one where I shared 3 (actually 4) things that I’ve never done before with a blog (but now I am with TentBlogger) and how it’s changing the way I’m developing the growth and success of it.

You’re going to want to review the broadcast (embedded above) for more detail, but I cover these things:

  • Focus on Design
  • Documentation
  • Content Architecture
  • Pacing Myself

In addition, I challenged the small group of listeners with two tasks for the remainder of the week:

Finally, I had some neat Q/A covering a few things like tags, categories, Michael Arrington, and more.

I’ve also added a simple banner at the top of the blog to promote the Live Broadcast:

Although I want to keep the Live Broadcasts intimate and small, I definitely can do a better job of promoting it, so thanks James for the push!

Adding this to my theme, for those interested, was as easy as uploading an image into the Standard Theme Framework (the WordPress Theme I use on this blog):

Standard Theme makes it easy! Just adding the widget now was all that it took: