3 Types of Friendship

… according to a Dartmouth sociology professor. The three types are as follows:


Tight-knitter: You have one dense group of friends in which nearly everybody knows one another. The network, which visually looks like a ball of yarn, can offer immense social support to those within it—but members are also at risk of “pulling each other down.”


Compartmentalizer: You have two to four “clusters” of friends who don’t know each other; one “cluster” may comprise people you have fun with, while another could be made up of people whom you turn to for work-related support or advice.


Sampler: You have one-on-one friendships, rather than groups of friends, and don’t rely on friendships for a sense of belonging. You achieve success without the help of others, but may feel socially isolated.

As much as I’d love to believe that friendships could be summed up into three different types and then be able to execute against those types with maximum effect, I’m a little hesitant to purchase the idea in full.

I think we can go through seasons where we’re experimenting / expanding into different types as we feel the need, for whatever reason; I think I’ve been doing this over the years.