300 Blog Posts (and Counting)


Yesterday I realized that I had written and published 300 blog posts, on the button, and I felt like that is a pretty decent accomplishment. I first posted publicly on November 11, 2013, the proverbial “Hello World” post and 594 days later I’m still writing.

That is, essentially, publishing once every other day, like clockwork. Hard to imagine, at times, that there’s been enough to write about, but I’ve always found something to share, something to say, and something to dive into when it comes to content.

And after writing for so long and so consistently, despite the fact that I’ve been writing publicly since 2001, I’ve continued to hone and learn my craft (it’s hard to even imagine that I’ve been writing that long and that consistently!).

In other words, I’m continuing to learn what it means to share information on the web and how to create content that is meaningful and useful, for everyone involved.

Mostly though, it’s neat to just look back and see how far the project has come. In a way, that alone warrants the effort. To be able to see the progress and to remember the challenges, the struggles, and the satisfaction of overcoming those moments is powerful.

I think often we forget how capable we really are and how limited we can make life seem and feel, if we want it to be that way. Or, we can decide to see limitless possibility.

I don’t often choose the latter, if I’m honest, but I’m continuing to learn to choose it more often than not. I hope you’re doing the same.