4 Ways To Grow An Online Community

With just over 200 community groups created on YEN, interesting patterns are starting to emerge in how leaders are growing an online community in YEN.

We have learned that one part of growing community is attracting others already on YEN. This post shows 4 quick examples of how community groups are growing their audience outside YEN.

Here are 4 examples of how community group pages are being added outside of YEN to enable people to join.

1.) Adding YEN to your existing community links list:
Adding your Community Page info to your existing channel list has proven to be one of the best ways to direct conversation into your group right from your homepage. Visitors can immediately see your updates and posts without any sign in required. To join the conversation and receive updates from you, a custom invite code goes a long way.

Check out how Aion lists their community page: AionPool.tech/community.html

2.) Add the Yenicorn to your social buttons:
The Yenicorn Logo looks amazing next to other social channels 🔥. It also helps people connect with you directly without searching.

We missed the “dark blue” logo memo :)
Give visitors a place to find you. Get the conversation and analytics you want.

4.) When asked, point people to your community and why it matters:

No one we know does this better than John Kim, the Chief Evangelist of the Litecoin Foundation. YEN may not for everyone, but it is certainly for his small group of engaged followers to connect directly with him and his team.

Aww shucks John Kim, we love your small group on YEN too. But it’s not so small anymore 🚀

If you have other ideas or questions about how you can setup any of these examples for your community, let us know – we would love to spend time setting these up for you.

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