Check and Repair 404 Errors WordPress Plugin

Quick, simple, and effective.

We’ve been discussing recently about how important it is to catch and fix 404 errors that exist on your blog as well as any broken links that you’re also sending out to other sites.

Well, I’m pleased to announce the release of a must-have WordPress Plugin that can help you, my fellow blogging friends, from having any more 404 errors!

Repair 404 Errors WordPress Plugin simply notifies you of any page or file requests that a user (or search engine) makes to your blog.

If it can’t find the right file or page it captures that failed request into the plugin so that you can easily go and fix the issue manually.

After you fix the issue you can then hit the Repaired button to let the plugin know that you’ve handled the problem. Simple, right?

You can also easily test if the plugin is working (after installation) by simply requesting a bogus page on your site like this:

Just a random string of characters.

And then obviously that breaks and heads to a 404:

And then it shows is the plugin system:

There she is...!

Make sure you download it today and start optimizing your site for users and search engines by not having any 404 errors crop up on your blog!

Download it Here via the WordPress Repository! Of course, don’t forget to check out the other Free WordPress Goodies here!