5 Hard Questions

via the YEN.FM newsletter:

  1. What is one “tough” conversation that you’ve been avoiding with a colleague, friend, teammate, leader, and/or community member?
  2. What is one anxiety or insecurity that you need to share that you’ve kept to yourself?
  3. What are you not proud of right now inside your team, your project, your community and/or the culture that you’ve intentionally designed and built?
  4. What documentation (e.g. culture docs, community processes, operational workflows, etc.) needs to be updated?
  5. Is there any belief (or value) that we preach but do not actually practice?

Serious questions for people who want to take their life seriously! I’m going to be sharing this weekly in the newsletter (for a season) to remind folks to do the harder work of community building.

But, it’s really for any organization of any size, including the smallest types; you know, interpersonal ones like between friends, partners, cofounders, and your children.

Get to it.