Where Will You Be in 5 Years?


Where will you be in five years time from today? Have you given that much thought?

Although I personally do not think about this very often I do know that when I do sit down and contemplate the distant (or not-so-distant) future it impacts me very deeply.

I believe the direction that much of my life has taken is the result of some of these significant moments where I have asked myself the tough questions and sought out wisdom from friends, family, and God.

What might fascinate you though is that this capacity to dream has been one part natural and the other part developed. You see, as a child I dreamed of new worlds and realities all the time, especially around solving problems that no one appeared to care about or do anything about.

Although my capacity when I was a child was limited to what I was aware of and capable of doing I was always looking to do something better, faster, and more efficiently. This sensibility was systematically beaten out of me as I walked through the educational systems and institutions that told me that there is a process and a “proven” method to nearly everything.

In other words, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for innovation. Why not just assume the existing methodology and trust that it was the best one available?

Although I lost the capacity to dream I never lost my desire to do so.

What I’ve discovered as I spend time coaching others is that one of the greatest gifts that I can give to others is not only the permission to dream but the tools that enable them to dream with infinite capacity.

There is no greater and tangible reality than what is today, but most of us stop right there and do not even dare to dream about an alternate. Tools that I use, including things like Action & Influence and our unique methods, help in those areas.

I love assisting others in casting vision for themselves. I see the sparkle in their eyes return, the hope of a much more fulfilling and incredible future, and I get to say (somewhat selfishly) that I was a very small part of their story.

And I don’t mind being forgotten as long as I get to see some of the results. God-willing, I’ll share in their victories and successes, even if it’s from a distance and from the back of the stands.

Where will you be in five years? Is is the same picture that you have today or is it something better? I want to hear your dreams!

[via XKCD]