5:00am Mischief

Buddy King has decided that waking up around 3-4:00am is a pretty cool thing to do and he’s been doing that consistently for the past week or so.

And once he’s up… he’s up, and that’s the end of that. So, I’ve adjusted my schedule to accommodate the early-morning mischief by getting up with him and starting my day early.

I’ve had to get creative, at times, to keep him occupied and busy or he’ll completely run amok (which he does anyway).

Recently, he’s been obsessed with paper… specifically toilet paper. He really likes playing with it and, as I apparently am pretty darn permissive, I’ll let him hang out with a roll (or two) as I try to put my day together without support.

The results are pretty hilarious even if I know that I’m just making more work for myself later:

I get a good giggle about it all:

And that’s that.

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