6 Amazing Weeks

I wrote a post on Indie Hackers about how our team went from effectively nothing to launching our mvp and building revenue (tx and mrr)!

You can read more here.

And, it’s worth noting that I’m spending much more time on that site and community—it’s one of the better places to be testing product ideas and new projects—I totally recommend it!

If you have the right people (the “who“) and you’re actively listening to your pre-community (e.g. customer interviews) you can quickly become data rich which allows you to move really fast.

Does this mean that we’re “locked in” on what we’re actually building as a startup and team? No way! We’ve got months of work to do before we’ll even know if we’re on the right track!

But, if you stay close to your customers and community, then, you’ll know what’s really going. Community before everything.