Celebrating 7 Years Together


[A good companion post to this one are my thoughts about ending my time at school for 7 years since I’ve been married as long as I’ve been working on those two Masters degrees.]

Today marks my 7th anniversary with my bride – I’m not sure what my feelings are about it all and the typical copper and/or wool gift for #7 isn’t that impressive either.

“We’ve survived.” is all I can muster at this point. It’s been a heck of a ride, that’s for sure! It’s interesting to reflect on how many things have changed – how many people have come in and out of our lives and how we’ve changed our perspectives about nearly everything in life.

We were young and idealistic and hopeful for the future; we had no idea how tough it would be to make it through each year. Much of this is the perseverance on my wife’s part who has helped keep things together and who has paid much. She didn’t know that she had married and entrepreneur but she quickly discovered this reality and has been incredibly faithful throughout.

Some of the things that I’ve challenged her with would make most women wilt, I would imagine, but she’s risen and embraced the challenges fully. I’ve done as best as I’ve can to minimize these, over the past few years and bring a balance to my efforts.


7 years. Incredible stuff.

If I were to pray about anything for the next 7 years it would be that the second seven would be nothing like the first. It’s not that the first were bad – in fact, they were incredible, but it has felt like a grand experiment where I’ve spent the time learning about myself, my spouse, and how we operate as a team.

It’s as if we finally have enough information from the variety of experiments to actually do something with them now – to move positively and strongly in the right direction. We haven’t been directionless – but we’ll move forward with more explicit direction than ever before.

One of the things that I committed to when I married her that I would hold the position of a servant to her my entire life. I made this commitment public by washing her feet – it was and still is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.


I’m posting this to reaffirm and recommit to my wife that this is the posture that I want to have towards her (and everyone, for that matter). It is an honor to serve and to provide for her and my family – the most important responsibility that I’ve got!

Life is too short to spend it all on yourself, you know?