880% Growth

Are you even paying attention?

That’s not even talking about the more specific LN stuff:

These curves drive me insane because I know that now would be the time to jump-in with everything that I’ve got but the reality is that the growth of one particular technology necessarily requires a ton of other resources to also grow at a similar pace / scale and that almost never happens in perfect concert.

And the fact that I am already heavily engaged in the metaverse at this point in time and although cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and other such things are part of that they are not fundamental to the next milestone that I’m marching towards.

Like most things we must decide, for ourselves, the tradeoffs that we’ll make and commit to seeing to the logical conclusion. Sometimes (most times?) these do not end in the way that we want and in just as many times it’s better than we could have imagined for ourselves.

I like how that works.

But, you still have to pay attention. Nothing is free, even and especially freedom. The price? Eternal vigilance. A worthy cost, I might add and most-definitely a small price to pay, all things considered.