8BIT @ Alons

I think there’s something special with being able to grab a bite to eat with a previous group of friends, especially ones who have seen the good, the bad, and the really ugly side of you.

Of course, I’m talking about old business partners in a previous venture and/or startup, naturally.

We almost did it, getting the original 4 back together – that would have been really neat. It’s hard to coordinate a variety of different schedules; I suppose I’ve forgotten the logistical challenge.


For a few years these four were my family. We worked hard to build a 7-figure company and it took a handful of years and a ton of experiments to get there. We moved from basements to coffee shops to an office park and then to a hip downtown location.

We kept it small, on purpose, partly because the business was supposed to be small and partly because we just liked it that way. It was a startup, through and through but it also became a lifestyle company at the same time – it was a lot of fun.

And we learned a lot, about ourselves, about business, about entrepreneurship, and about the power (and importance) of singular focus. We hurt together, we celebrated together. We did life together. This is not uncommon, but, at least for me, it felt like it was something uniquely special and distinct.

What an incredible way to end a full week off from work. The timing couldn’t have been better. A moment to appreciate how far a company (and people) can come when doing great work. A reminder that it’s still possible to do it again, and again, and again.

A life (and lifestyle) worth living, even through the darkest and hardest of times. I hope we can continue to meet up and remember.