8BIT Branding Docs


I was reminded of some old branding documents for my previous venture and I thought it would be neat to at least share those documents.

The brand for this company was fun because it hit on so many different levels. I great up in the glory days of 8-bit video games and still haven’t quite gotten over it. I’ll opt to play one of those games over any that have been created today. They were, in many ways, just better products.

In that same vein when I came up with the company I had to give it that throwback. I wanted to let everyone know that we were a company that loved great products, that built great products, and that had a culture of fun, entertainment, and history.

(You can download the entire thing here.)

Did it work? That answer is easy: Yes. We had a ton of fun and had built an environment that we all really enjoyed working in and for. It took a few years though to crystalize our thoughts into some traditional branding document and in many ways I was shy about doing it since I didn’t think that any document could adequately capture who we were as a company and culture.

But Jared, our designer, did a great job and Chris wordsmith’d it in a way that I never could have. I miss this company and brand. I miss what we did, what we created, and how we really impacted and challenged the marketplace for the better. I think we left a legacy that will be remembered.