8BIT Team, 2013

The 4 partners of 8BIT in 2013. I want to remember this moment fondly.

Life with these three men is nothing short of difficult although that is as it should be. We see, hear, and discuss most everything. It’s more than just project management or meeting deadlines or calls for status updates. It’s more often about the very fabric of our very lives as we kick back and drink a cold one over some cheap chinese.

You are most influenced by those that you spend the most time with. In fact, your very future is directed by those men and women whom you, sometimes blindly, saddle up alongside every single day. They are part of your story, for good and for ill, and you have more say in who and how many you have beside you than you believe.

A life well-lived is a life that’s full of friends who guide and contribute to a better future, one that you couldn’t have possibly achieved without them. Think carefully about that and ask yourself if your life is “full” of these types of people.

Then ask yourself if you are filling up their lives in ways that are beyond just the positive; it should be that of purpose.