Community Power: 93 Blog Posts in One Hour!

Yesterday I experienced my first-ever Blogapalooza, hosted by @BenjMiller and his team over at eyespeak and we had a blast making our run of 100 blog posts in one entire hour.

It was intense! The final tally was a whopping 93 blog posts in an hour which is incredible if you think about it (and each blog post tallied was at least 300 words or more) – a total community and team effort!

The afternoon started with a lot of coffee, a brief “pep talk” to the group and then 60 minutes of heart-stopping finger-pounding! It was incredibly quiet despite the amount of people in the office. Intense.

I personally joined in and was able to complete 7 blog posts with a total of 2579 words, an average of 368 words per post!

And you won’t even believe what I wrote about: Jeans. Yes, I wrote seven complete blog posts about an article of clothing. The titles were as follows:

  1. My First Pair
  2. The Right Color Matters
  3. The Question of Belts
  4. Thug to Skinny
  5. Wearing Jeans Until Death
  6. The Most Important Accessory: Shoes
  7. Jeans, I Would Die For You

I could probably make an entire series out of it (although I doubt our readers here would be interested in hearing about this stuff)!

Now how in the world was I able to produce so much content in such a short amount of time? Besides practice and a bit of experience it’s most simply a militant-like focus and a bit of strategy.

In terms of the latter I wanted to share a few thoughts with you guys that I shared with the group that afternoon that you might be able to use for maximum content production in a short amount of time:

  1. Think Big First – Think big first, a crazy idea or a topic of intense passion, curiosity, or interest.
  2. Break it Down – Then break it down into series. For this exercise I imagined that the average person at the Blogapalooza would do about 2-3 posts meaning they should be able to break it up into two or three parts.
  3. No Self Editing – This is the biggest hurdle for high content and writing output. We’re motivated and tempted to edit along the way. I have learned to shut this part of my brain off but it can still be a challenge at times. Just write. It’s kind of like vomiting on the page. No stopping!
  4. Avoid Research – Any topic that requires intense amounts of research or searching via Google should be avoided. That wastes time.
  5. Avoid Media – Any topic that requires a heavy amount of video, audio, images, or other media should also be avoided. Anything that requires technical engagement (like editing a video) should be avoided as well.
  6. Shut Down – Close everything down, including Twitter, your phone, and anything else that will distract.
  7. Simple Writing App – Use a word processor that counts total words or a simple writing application (I use iaWriter) and go for it.
  8. Community Matters – The fact that we had a number of people around us create accountability. Having a friend, partner, or someone else a part of the process really does help.
  9. Goals – Have a goal. We had an audacious goal of 100 blog posts in one hour collectively. I had a personal goal of 6 and I managed to pull out one more. In fact, I got up to get coffee at least once so I could have done (maybe) 8!
  10. Have Fun – This isn’t a competition and it’s not about proving yourself to anyone. It’s about you writing content for yourself!

So after my little pep talk everyone go comfortable and we all jumped on it! We wrote furiously for 60 minutes and then came back together to calculate the final results.

Some people used a desk, some people used their laps, some people sat in chairs and others sat on the floor. Some used headphones to help focus and others didn’t. It was great to see the variety of strategies in play!

In the end we had a great time of networking afterwards and I was able to connect with a bunch of neat people that I’ve engaged with online but have never met IRL!

I always love that, by the way.

I definitely think we should do it again and I hope to coordinate even more of these events. Why? Because the end result is extremely valuable as we all come away with more blog content and we get to meet other like-minded individuals who can help encourage us towards success!

Thanks Benj and his eyespeak team for hosting and thanks to @JayCaruso for the photography on this blog post!

… and especially for this “prayer-like” shot here (I’m deep in thought and resting my fingers):


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