What is a Blog? What is a Blogger? What is Blogging?

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.] Do you remember the first time you heard the word “blog”? What was your original thought? How did you respond? Well, as familiar as you might be to what a “blog” is, there are people who hear it for the first time every single day […]

📻 — The Rise of the “Community-Centric” Blogs for Corporate, Enterprise & Business Blogging

Hello yenizens! It’s “humpday“! Yesterday was a bit of a “bust“… since I got upset about a bunch of random stuff that I shouldn’t have but since I was already tired and frustrated and as dl;fj als$@#$d jf;la&*( sdjf ;@#$lask #@$jfl;kasjf ;lks&a jfdls;akdf34)(a js…@@@111!!!1 … you know, stuff like that! Love you all. Here’s your […]

Writing & Blogging Workshop (Livestream)

All, Our vision for our small (but growing!) community was to create as much value as we possibly could in more ways that just bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. In fact, one of the original ideas from the beginning was to “export” all that we knew about technology and business-building so that we could help our […]