A Bit Offline


For those that have been following my tweets via Twitter I unfortunately had to spend much of the weekend in the hospital, first the ER and then in recovery.

To make a very long story very, very short my intestines decided to allow an infection to reside in the lower areas which was incredibly painful and now requires two full course antibiotics plus some painkillers which have me feeling constantly dizzy and disoriented.

This might be the worst Thanksgiving holiday ever. So fascinating that I cued up a post last week titled “Future Thanks” stating specifically my thankfulness for health, right?

In any case, I have cleared out my entire calendar of events and will be staying in Austin, TX for a week longer than I had originally planned. I’ll be spending my time watching movies, reading books, and sleeping. Mostly just sleeping.

I’ll see you guys soon. I’ll be publishing saved drafts for just this type of event. It pays to stay ahead of your publishing schedule!