A Bunch of Updates!

I’ve got v1.1 of NT, v1.2 of MD, and v2.1.1 for PM coming out soon! I just submitted them to the Apple Store for review last night. Here’s a look at the top-level PM product and the updates and fixes coming down the pipe:

New Features:

  • You can have a POST TITLE be automatically created from your content!
  • Copying link for post to Clipboard
  • Folders in Local Drafts

Fixed Issues and Bugs:

  • Auto-created title isn’t work for export.
  • Content disappears if you call WYSIWYG again in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Unable to ‘open’ Tumblr
  • Can’t update Markdown images post on Tumblr.
  • Desk had some issues asking user for name of post when creating a new one.
  • Duplicated menu entries.
  • App didn’t remember selected settings when user reopens the document
  • Can’t edit post title if post starts as a new blog post from full screen
  • App crashes on adding Blogger.
  • Codeblocks had a few issues.
  • Unable to paste link in popup text field.
  • Squarespace had some image issues.
  • Unable to change heading without deleting it.
  • Add/Delete columns and rows aren’t working.

Thanks so much for your feedback and support!