A Digital Smoke Break.


It’s been a wonderful break from the internets as I’ve been on vacation over at Hilton Head (thanks for all the recommendations on Twitter guys!) with my family. In fact, I’m still there (at least for now as I blog this).

I’ve checked my email only a handful of times and Twitter even less (w0w) and didn’t really bother to answer much of either.

Yahooooooo. It’s been like a digital smoke break for me (and upon reflection I realized that this metaphor might be understood only by myself…).

I used to smoke and I remember the pleasant and peaceful feeling of dropping everything I was doing, walking outside (the colder the better), and finding comfort in the idea that I had only one purpose and only one thing to concentrate on. This time it was my family (I don’t smoke anymore).

There was, at one point, a feeling of absolute bliss as my daughter was pouring warm, wet sand on me as the temperature-perfect water of the Atlantic was washing over my body. I thought:

The blogs, the tweets, the internets… all those things can just wait.

So my wife and I made an executive decision to stay another day. What a great decision.