“A Look Back”

First things first: Happy Valentines Day! I didn’t plan on penning a blog post specifically for this holiday, but, that’s the way the cookie (or chocolate…?) crumbles!

When we first started building our company we didn’t know much – certainly not as much as we do today!

In fact, all we had was a hunch that creating consistent video content in the blockchain and decentralized space was worthy of our time and was something that both @peter and I felt good about pursuing.

And, if there was any other motive or initial consideration it was this: We should share our progress with our growing community in real-time (or as close to real-time as possible).

We wanted our project to be public in nature, shared with the folks that we would come to know (and love!), and that would help us build a foundation for a very bright, collective future.

Now, with nearly 2 years under our collective belt, we actually have time to take a look back at what we’ve accomplished together and leverage that data to make the best possible decisions for our future.

The challenge is that the future for our industry is anything but certain and is really anyone’s best guess at this point! But what we are confident is that the future is decentralized: We believe that decentralized protocols and blockchain-based systems will be as ubiquitous as the “cloud services” that power nearly all of the software companies on the planet today.

The proverbial journey has just begun!

With these things in mind, I decided to give our “corporate” blog a little bit of a name, or, a working title if you will: “A Look Back”. I feel as if this combines two principles, two values, two truths perhaps, that we have as a company believe in:

  1. An honest look and commentary on the business of building a business (i.e. behind the scenes).
  2. The fact that our future is both unknowable and already here.

As William Gibson once said:

The future is already here… it’s just not evenly distributed.

We will all come into this understanding when we’re able to look back at all the things that we’ve collectively accomplished (from our small little team to the much larger global decentralized economy) and the truth shall be known to everyone.

Our job (and yours!) is to work as hard and as smart as we possibly can to make this incredible technology available to more people, to accelerate the adoption of this life-giving phenomena and by doing so give the future to the folks who need it the most.

And if that resonates then we ask you to join us in our quest to make the future more evenly distributed by building the future that we all want to see, touch, and experience for ourselves and the generations to come.

We’re excited about 2019 and we’re so grateful for all of you!