A Quick, Visual Update

It’s been a busy few weeks, especially since the launch of our new email newsletter!

Our product is also being worked on and I wanted to share a few updated screenshots!

For starters, we’ve spent a little time working on the first view of what we’re calling “The Lobby”:

This is what a new visitor would see when they first encounter your community — you wouldn’t have a login quite yet but could engage, ask light questions, and get a feel for what’s happening.

@makr is giving us a walkthrough of this design:

We’ve decided to move back to a 3-column view but this two-column version was fun to experiment with.

Another feature that we’re building is the ability for a business to monetize specific channels on their platform, if they want:

This is something many of early-testers wanted and we think this will be a useful opportunity for content creators (vloggers, bloggers, newsletter writers, podcasters, etc) to monetize their growing audience.

Community members would have an opportunity to easily sign-up for greater access, right in the community platform.

[Post originally published on Indie Hackers.]