The Day I Was a Shark

One of the posters in the entrance!

I had the pleasure of being a “Shark” in a school competition that was modeled after ABC’s Shark Tank show. Hosted by Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and partnered with Break Into Business I was 1 of 4 Sharks who observed, gave feedback, and “grilled” young 5th grade entrepreneurs and their businesses live.

What a show! What an amazingly talented group of kids! I couldn’t believe how well they had prepared as well as how put together their slides were from their origin stories, founder bios, product overview and demo as well as financial business model and marketing strategies.

Yikes. These kids were more prepared than many adults that I encounter, no joke!

Major hat-tip to the coordinating team as well as the teachers who had helped create such a fantastic program as well as Chic-fil-a who was a major partner and sponsor – all of the businesses are going to present their products for sale this coming week at Chic-fil-a’s global headquarters. They’ll refine their pitches and products this weekend.

Here are a few images of the experience:

I ate a lot of yummy treats and baked goods this afternoon – much more than I had planned to (I should have skipped lunch entirely). Some had even Gluten-Free baked goods! What a win. What a total win!

But the most encouraging part was that the school itself, the staff, and like-minded organizations were putting into action what many have just “talked” about: They had built a program to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in young students instead of hoping that they would build this on their on. They were investing in the future of these students, our economy, and the future solutions that our world will need. I couldn’t be more happy about that!

Obviously I’m madly in love with education and entrepreneurship and when I encounter other organizations that are just as passionate about those two things in tandem it makes my heart burst. Big props to MVPS and their initiative and resolve to do something fun, engaging, and incredibly educational.

And please, please, please… I’d love to come back!