A Simple Invite

One of the more obvious ways to grow a new product is to provide existing users a simple way to invite more users.

For most folks, this process is obvious but most folks also do this really poorly; in other words, they add an “invite” button and then they hope that the flywheel automagically works.

For an early-stage project, you can’t take chances with something so critical! More specifically, decisions like where the actual placement of your “invite” button(s) should go should match the overall onboarding workflow that you’ve designed for new users.

Invite in the top right.

For instance, we’ve decided to put a simple “Invite” button where it can’t be missed but also next door to a text label that reminds the user where they are inviting folks to join. In the screenshot above, it’s to a paid “Members Only” channel.

Upon clicking, we use the same designed components from other parts of our platform for a consistent experience in an easy-to-use view that arrives on-click:

A simple window.

The text isn’t final but the workflow effectively is.

An invite should do exactly what it’s supposed to do without confusing the user — funny how many times this net-positive workflow can get all messed up during implementation.

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]