A Slight Visual Update

I’ve made an update to the visual appearance of this blog by moving away from the Default 2017 Theme and using a free theme provided by Array.

With so many changes happening I thought I’d just add more work to my plate and throw in a visual change to the blog.

I guess I’m just in the mood.

By the way, Array Themes is decently designed and the quality of their products are battle-tested. And, I guess, I approve, so, there’s that (although my approval might not mean much).

There was a time when I deeply cared about WordPress and the entire culture as a whole… now, I could honestly care less. The product has continued down a path of bloatware and complexity and the core team has managed to make the product more difficult to use.

Sad, to be honest… but, I still choose to use it.

At some point, perhaps, I may head in another direction and I’ve even thought about putting together a small-ish blogging platform. I don’t have any time right now, but, in the future I imagine I may have more than enough time to take a swing at it.

Until then…