A Visual Retrospective: The SF YEN Retreat 2019

Where do we even begin?!

We had an unbelievable time hanging out with so many of you this past weekend! Starting with the Escape Room and then a full day of workshops, community, fun, and so much food (h/t James)!

Here are a few of our favorite pics, courtesy of Paul Youn:

I could keep adding more but then this page might not load!

(And if you didn’t get your headshots yet, please ping James!)

We’re so grateful for the friendships and the deep (and wide!) sense of community and family that we’re building here, together – you know it when you see and feel it!

I asked the team to put together a few thoughts of their own from the event and experience:

Su Kim (@su):

I love how the meetup experience was more than just those who physically attended. It was also the rest of the community on YEN tracking along, commenting on the photos, talking about what was being discussed at the retreat.

The connections, dreams, conversations at the event will permeate throughout the community in spurring each other on, and that’s really cool. Definitely, a point of note, in improving the remote attendee experience next time.

The food was unparalleled.

Clay Menzel (@claymenzel):

I really enjoy how much the community supports each other. They are all here to learn, educate, collaborate, and grow with each other, while also having some fun along the way.

The 100 pounds of food was also great.

James Kim (@james):

I just loved seeing so many different people coming together for a common cause. This really was about the power of community and connection. It wasn’t about the swag, food, or locale, it really was about coming together to connect with others. About feeling the personal, life connection.

The food was pretty good though.

Peter Saddington (@peter):

What I loved most about the meetup was the fact that we’re all creating milestones that we’ll be able to share with each other for a lifetime.

New doors opening, new life beginning. I just wish more had come!

As you might imagine, we’re definitely going to have more of these events coming up and we can’t wait to announce those here on the blog and on The Bitcoin Pub. Stay tuned for more info as we’ll be sharing those details soon!

Last and certainly not least, we’re very grateful for the folks and organizations that donated giveaways for our raffle!

A few shoutouts:

  • Ellipal for coming through with an ELLIPAL hardware wallet
  • BC-Vault for providing their BC VAULT hardware wallet
  • Trezor for generously providing three(!) wallets for our lucky winners

If you’re interested in partnering with us for future events, we’d love that! Feel free to ping James and we’ll get it sorted.