A Visual Retrospective: YEN’s First Global Community Meetup

Our first Global Community Meetup was a success!

Yenizens had an amazing time connecting with each other in 10 cities across the globe. A huge thanks to all the hosts for helping us organize this event and thanks to everyone who came out! Our community is what makes us, and we cannot thank our community enough!

Below are a few of our favorite pics from the meetups. Check out those YEN fortune cookies!

If you are currently experiencing FOMO, and want to learn more about future meetups, then feel free to join the Global Community Meetup Hub on YEN.

Interested in hosting your own meetup? Send Clay a chat on YEN or send him an email at clayton@yen.io.

Huge shoutout to Ellipal and Doge Lord Apparel for giving out hardware wallets and shirts to our hosts!