A Year’s Work

Much of my life can be measured by domain registration dates and renewals.

If that hits too close to home… well… then you know what I’m talking about.

So much of my life has been on the internet… building things and creating and viewing and consuming and it’s been the former that’s been a huge part of how I give and extract value.

It’s how I’ve financed a growing family and the many adventures that I’ve had professionally through many, many geographical moves. It’s how I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure in and out of life and I think I’m only getting started.

And I’m reminded of all of this when I get emails in my inbox about the domains and registrations that I’ve made along the way, some of which I continue to keep and some I let go of.

Domain Renewal

A year or so I decided to put together MNML App and so, like many times before, I registered a new domain name and hoped that the transaction and cost would be made up, somehow and some way, in the future.

If you’re like me, most of my domain name purchases have been a total waste of time and money as most of them never see the light of day and my compulsion to purchase the domain name was really the only leg that the project had to stand on.

The ones that make it, though, are the ones that have some history behind the decision and MNML App definitely had history. And, even more so, I was motivated to give the Apple Developer Ecosystem one final shot:

Renewing: Apple Developer Program

So, around the same time, I decided to renew my membership and see if I could put it to good use. I think I’ve come out on top and right now MNML App is enjoying 3 straight weeks of being Featured Worldwide on the Mac App Store.

Not bad… not bad.

It was a year’s work from start to finish… but, you and I both know that it was (and has been) much more than a year’s investment. It was the culmination of my experience, my past, my future ambitions, and a few critical decisions along the way that gave birth to a small indie project.

The outcomes are all luck, by the way… and those are very much secondary. I am happy to have put it out there and I’m honored and humbled that people are not only buying it but also using it to publish their own stories to share with others.

There’s something truly magical about that and it’s why I’m still building, still working on putting together projects of all sizes, small (like MNML and Desk) and then larger (like Pinpoint).

When you’re given an opportunity to help others succeed you should always say “Yes” because life suddenly becomes very, very meaningful when you do.