Retiring My 1st Generation iPad

When Steve first announced the iPad in January 2010 I was, to be honest, disinterested—tablet computing had been done so badly up until that point that I honestly didn’t think there was room for any tablet of any type in my computing lifestyle.

I didn’t think I’d use one seriously, at all, and I was completely wrong.

Magic starts around minute 8, but the setup is amazing.

Long-story short, my family has purchases every single iteration of the iPad since it’s inception and this past weekend our first generation finally crapped-out on us; it had been relegated to a glorified “sound machine” to help our youngest fall asleep during nap time.

Tablet computing, although not part of my own daily, operating workflow, has progressed significantly in the last 9 years and I can now see a future where these types of devices are a much larger part of my universe.

Real behavior change is really hard.

But, oh…! T memories that we had together! A few pictures before I find this iPad a more permanent (and useless) place in our home:

I can’t imagine that there are many A1219 models left out there… I wonder if this is even a “collectors item” at this point?


I guess we’ll keep ours.