Abandon Medium

I’ve been using Medium for quite some time but I’ve already shared my very strong opinions about the service and how I really think that anyone who is serious about their content should not be using Medium as their primary and dedicated writing platform, full stop.

October, 2010? Wow.

I’ve published nearly 3,400 posts on that platform and now that I’ve given it some thought I think that’s way too many. I should never have given Medium so much influence and should have never given them so much of my content.

It really is too bad because it did have so much promise, in the beginning, but, the overall experience is shit now and they are totally sacrificing their users for the sake of page views and sign-ups.

But, that’s kind of besides the point since regardless of how amazing (or shitty) their experience is, you still aren’t in control of your own content, which, should never be the case.

In addition, their WordPress plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years! To get the plugin to work I’ve had to rewrite it myself a handful of times, once from scratch. This shouldn’t be a surprise, though, since independent publishing isn’t their top priority, naturally.

So much sadness.

At this point I’m just going to say it as directly as possible: You should abandon Medium immediately, boot up your own publishing platform (use WordPress or some other self-hosted solution) and never look back.

I’d delete my entire Medium account as well if I didn’t have a few publications that have supported a few of my pieces over the years and I like those folks a lot. But, after today, I’m never going back.

Goodbye Medium… it was never as good as I had hoped it would have been… and it’s really your fault. You fucked up and never recovered.