Software: Never Finished, Only Abandoned

I’m iterating on Leonardo da Vinci’s very famous quote about art:

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

And I believe the application (pun intended) for software makes a lot of sense. I have been thinking about this non-stop since I released publicly my small indie app for desktop publishing and blogging, Desk.

I told a friend last night how it’s been humbling me something fierce with this particular app because I have a lot of blogging and writing friends who are using it and for whom I want it to work flawlessly.

The problem is that it’s software and with software there are always bugs and issues and things that don’t work and I take these problems really personally. My wife, last night, started using it and hit a small snag and the ground beneath my feet swiftly disappeared.

And even though I’ve been down this road a number of times I can never fully prepare myself emotionally for the trouble tickets that begin to stack up for support. I feel deeply responsible for the issues and I want to make everyone’s experience beautiful. It just isn’t possible with software.

The work is truly never finished. Software is art and as an artist I’m never satisfied with the result nor am I satisfied with the experience on behalf of my users.