About Time

I shared in a recent newsletter update that I had closed out / down a bunch of my independent (indie) projects.

The truth is that I’ve shut down all of them.

The biggest ones are MNML and Desk, which almost a week ago I removed from the App Store:

It was a really good run.

Those projects were a huge part of my life and they both deserve an independent eulogy from me at some point, but, I’m way too tired to give them what they deserve… perhaps a bit later.

The much more important reality is that my time has been entirely consumed by the new (singular) entity and project that I’m building with my brother in the industries of blockchain.

We’ve stumbled upon some rare opportunities that we hope to take advantage of fully and it is now requiring 100% of my time and attention, which, I’m grateful for.

One of the products that we’re building appears to be, at this very moment, the first of its kind, and that’s pretty darn exciting. If you want to get updates about the progress then feel free to subscribe to the launch page.

This level of reduction and focus is rare for me as I’ve always had a side project or experimental fling that I work on to blow steam or to “feel” creatively independent (outside of this personal blog, of course).

But, after some thought, it’s just impossible for me do to that right now because I’m so passionate about this space… even my dreams are full of blockchain (I typically don’t dream much at all when I sleep).

I figured that it was about time. And, it perfectly pairs well with my gross reduction of even more of my social accounts.

Upwards and onwards… to infinity and beyond.