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A (Quick) Biography:

I suppose all stories have some sort of a beginning, right? So here goes nothing…

Born in Pusan, South Korea I was adopted with my twin brother by two amazing people in a cozy New Jersey suburb and eventually became the oldest of 5.

I was obsessed with tinker toys, legos, erector sets, lincoln logs, marble works and believed, at one point, that I’d become a car mechanic, with the smell of oil and burnt plastic in my nostrils and sweat mixed with grease in every available crevasse — I can still feel the powerful but friendly handshakes, always covered in grease, that would welcome me into their dark yet exciting world, every time we’d drop off a car to get serviced.

I wasn’t very good at math (I still use my fingers to count) nor were the classical sciences ever fully approachable. I didn’t have a natural or trained ear for music and my hands never wanted to cooperate with my head to create any decent form of art. Instead I leveraged a wild imagination and an insatiable curiosity for new things to keep me company.

It was all over when my father brought home a Sega Genesis and when my mother taught me how to type on her IBM Selectric. Computers, video games (and all forms of digital entertainment), and software became my obsession and by 6th grade I had I taught myself BASIC and built my first functional piece of programming (a Choose Your Own Adventure video game) when I was 11. Man, that game was the jam!

Since then I’ve had a fairly non-linear career path both academically and vocationally. I’ve racked up points as an engineer and executive in a few Fortune 50’s, a leader in some large non-profits, and have started, exited, and invested in a handful of bootstrapped and VC-funded startups, selling my last company to a Fortune 300.

I have experienced a few highs and the lowest of lows when it comes to creating software that matters and the organizations that build them and still have a ton left to learn (I do not believe this ever actually ends).

I have failed too many times to count.

My favorite family photo of all time.
One of my favorite family photo of all time. Image via Esther Havens.

Along the way I somewhat survived an undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech (I failed out of their CS program the first year… long story here folks…), I figured out a way to meet, convince, and marry the love of my life (14 years this year!), I became a parent (gasp) to two beautiful girls and a boy, and even finished two Masters degrees (one in Education) at the same time.

I have discovered the joy of being an autistic adult, the humility required when you’re a (recovering) alcoholic, and true value of time as a suicide survivor. Consequently, I desperately want to live with purpose.

Every year is wonderfully-crazy and sometimes I do a yearly review and retrospective like my 2012201320142015, and 2016, 2017 and 2018 and 2019.

I love this boy so much.

I am obsessed with digital publishing and have been blogging my journey through technology, software, and entrepreneurship since 2001. I even built a small, indie piece of OS X software called Desk (awarded 2014 and 2015 “Best Apps of the Year“!) and another one called MNML App. I have since sunset these projects.

A new-ish digital publishing interest is my video blog (or vlog) and experimenting with new hardware and software. For instance, I’m using a GoPro HERO7 Black for my vlogging needs at the moment.

Finally, I really like video games and have been playing Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise for over 20 years and World of Warcraft since vanilla.

Here’s a good example of this… Lok'tar ogar!

We did the “RV” Thing!

John’s Personal User Manual:

If you would like a better idea of what it might be like to work with me, you can check out my Personal User Manual:

A fun but also very useful exercise!


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