Rickster – Abstract


Creating abstract imagery from your own camera photos can be a really fun and creative process. Here is an example from Pressgram user @Rickster

You can view the original image here

Rick has created a really intriguing image here and I think it’s almost impossible to decipher what the original image could have been ??

One clue we are given is that Rick has used the hashtag #moon ?

This image was also tagged with #fragmentapp and #tangentapp



Both apps are from a company called Pixtie and great examples of some of the apps available to help produce stunning works of “Abstract Art”

You can also follow Pixtie on Twitter here

I would love to see some more of our community members “Abstract” creations so please feel free to share some links below to your own shots.

Don’t forget to use #dpgram on Pressgram and Twitter so we can find you and your amazing work!