Abuse Opt-in

This resonates with me:

via Dilbert

I was actually sharing with a friend and mentor last week that so much of my day is one of frustration and anxiety, ~80-90% of the day, and yet the 10-20% that’s not is really, really rewarding.

It’s unbalanced, but, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing or that I’m unhappy about that ratio – the good stuff is really good and it all kind of makes up for the rest.

The biggest challenge of being a startup leader is the fact that you’re not entirely sure what you should be doing, at any given point and time, and the feeling of being out of control is never-ending.

You are simultaneously pushing the company forward while also being dragged by it, usually up a very steep hill.

And you opt-in to this abuse because you know it to be worth it.

Every single day I wake up with more questions than answers, more problems that I need to solve than the day before…

… just how I like it.

A startup is a crucible that demands everything of who you are, constantly, rain or shine, weekday and weekend, while you’re awake and most-certainly while you’re sleeping.

But I’d rather do this than a soul-crushing corporate nine-to-five job; a startup is liberty and freedom compared to the other alternatives.

So, this is where I sit, my choice, no one else’s.

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