Thoughts on Accomplishing Goals


Let’s do this.

It’s been nearly 9 months since I made the life-changing decision to seriously pursue a healthier lifestyle which included fundamentally changing my diet as well as my exercise and sleeping habits and schedule.

In fact, there wasn’t anything that was immune to these large-scale decisions and everything in my life pivoted around this foundational shift to accommodate or be eradicated.

The result? I lost 27 pounds and realized that I was in the best health of my entire life.

As I recorded in my post about my incredible weight-loss the actual amount wasn’t as nearly as important as the fundamental shifts in perspective and lifestyle. I was quite happy with the weight-loss and I’m so glad that it was a natural out cause of my work (I wasn’t alone as I had professional help from nearly every angle of this “project”).

But I wanted to take my drop in weight a few extra clicks, if you will, and after the 6 month detoxification process I wanted to see if I could iterate on the work that I had accomplished and pick it up a notch, attempting to lose 2 more pounds to get me to 165.

3 grueling months later I’m happy to say that I was able to do it and this past week I clocked it in. I stepped off the scale and a pleasant joy filled my being in a way that’s difficult to describe.

What exactly was the point of this exercise? For me it was being able to say that my decisions in the previous 6 months were not a fluke or luck or a one-off decision bolstered by professional counsel and advice but rather an internal and very personal decision to own my own lifestyle and not completely fuck it up.

In other words, did I really take the lessons-learned and adopt them as my own rather than borrowing them from the pros? Did I really internalize them to a point where it was natural and not fabricated enthusiasm? I wasn’t sure post-six months but I wanted to find out.

2 pounds doesn’t seem a lot but it was harder than losing the original 27. I was on my own, left to my own devices as they say, and without the direct and explicit support of the professionals (they were still readily available to me, of course).

But I had to walk through 2 major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas), birthdays, and a ton of parties and traveling to get there. Traveling is one thing that totally screws up my rhythm and biological schedule and I hope to find a better strategy and method of execution this year.

At this point, according to my medical professionals and ultimately how I feel about myself and my body I’m quite happy to have reached my “target” weight but vastly more important I proved that I could maintain a lifestyle that made sense and was infinitely better for me. I have lost 29 pounds in total and feel unbelievable.

But where does one go from here? How does one not only stay the course but continue to find points of kaizen (continuous improvement)? I’m not sure but I’ll be challenging myself to take it up a notch in the coming months. I may get back on my bike or even experiment with some other food and cuisine choices. Hell, if I really go crazy I may learn to cook for myself a bit (that would be almost too large of an experiment…).

When you accomplish a goal, especially a meaningful one, it’s the beginning, not the end.

Photo Credit: ElDave via cc