Hi, I’m John and I’m a 5151

The next time I see you I may actually say that to you! If I do I may also hand you one of my new business cards as well!

The reason? It’s part of a new venture that I’ve started called Action & Influence, a psychometric assessment and tool that will change the way you not only see yourself but also the way that your team operates.

I’ve been using tools like these for years to help me stay focused on the things that I do best as well as work for teams that are of the highest performance. In fact, my startup team 8BIT has been using it and it’s helped clearly show why we’ve been able to work so well and how we consider ourselves part of a high-performance team.

In fact, you can see my startup’s actual Team Matrix report and the unique action and influence styles that help keep us churning out great products on a bootstrap budget. If you’re interested in seeing my unique pattern as Creative Designer, you can see that here as well as one of the 21 Styles of Action & Influence.

The result of this tool is so powerful that I will never work for an organization that doesn’t have a tool that can bring quantifiable and qualitative ways to help create exceptional team communication, assist in managing the complex but important relational dynamics, and that works in tandem (not against) the business and cultural DNA.

I also use this tool in my professional coaching as well as it helps create a common language for the group as well as helps them establish and manage their future partner relationships that they’ll inevitably have if they start their own businesses or seek to optimize their existing teams and organizations.

I’ll be sharing more information as it’s obviously near and dear to my heart but if you’d like more information for using this incredible tool for yourself personally or for your team and organization please let me know. You can email me directly: john@myai.org.

Learn more here at WhatIs.myAI.org or the main site myAI.org.

So, what is your A&I Score?