Thinking Strategically about the Placements of Your Calls to Action

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Challenge Type: Strategy, Feature
Time Required: 5-10 minutes, minimum
Impact: Large, since calls to action could get people to subscribe to your blog, purchase products, or create visits to other strategic websites!

Creating “Calls to Action” is something that you constantly want to be thinking about in terms of your blog, the design and layout, and the way your visitor and readers engage with your content.

A “Call to Action” is essentially something you want your readers to do after they read your content or engaged with your website. Things that could possibly fall underneath this would be:

  • Buying a product
  • Subscribing to your blog
  • Following you on Twitter of Facebook
  • Visiting another strategic website

And more. One of the most fundamental calls to action is getting your readers to Subscribe to your blog. This is critical in terms of growth!

So, thinking strategically about where you place those calls to action is vitally important. For me, I feel like I should offer my content first before asking them to do something in response. I’d rather make sure that my readers consume the content and if they feel it was valuable for them to then subscribe to my blog and/or do something about it.

That’s why I am placing my call to action (in terms of subscribing) right after the content and before the comment section:

Think strategically!

As you can see I’m asking them a question first and if the answer is “Yes!” then they can click the link to subscribe to my blog (and other ways as well).

So, how are you thinking strategically about Calls to Action? What will you do to change it?