New Advertising Page for Sponsorship Opportunities

At least my daughters support me. :)

With the recent start of my adventures in advertising (and it really is an adventure, right?) I spent a bunch of time working on my Advertising and Sponsorship Page.

The goal of this particular page is to keep it as dynamic as possible, continually showcasing the neat value propositions (as they change and are updated) and opportunities that organizations and individuals have to really connect with the community here.

I’m pretty darn excited about it since this presents a new direction (or is it just some of the same?) for this blog and my efforts to earn a full time living doing this stuff.

Without question the biggest thing that continually comes up in my mind is a sincere sense of gratitude to the community at large that surrounds this blog and the trust that you’ve afforded me as I coach and mentor other bloggers to blog better.

As such, I can only continue to do what I’ve been doing since Day #1 – sharing my experience as things continue to work themselves out so that you can use them for your own needs when the time is right.

And that’s what I hope happens for many of you! The opportunity to take your blogging to the next level and providing a financial return for your investment in your time writing and the community that engages with you daily is a great reward. I can personally say that it’s been one of the greatest pleasures that I have – and I don’t take it lightly.

A Few Things to Note:

Of course, I took my own advice when building out my Advertising and Sponsorship page – you can find the complete post here on ‘10 Tips to Create the Best Advertising Page Ever.’

What I did was exactly what I had learned to do previously for my other blogs, but there are a few unique sections that I added like the “Posts that Made TentBlogger Awesome” but it’s really all right there.

One thing that I realized was an important nuanced factor of building this type of page is that you need to have fun doing it – sure, it can be somewhat dry but one should engage with building this type of page just like you would with any other important static content pages that you create – with gusto and heart!

And certainly I think potential advertisers and sponsors will sense and time, effort, and passion that you put into your advertising page and could possibly be won over by it. Who knows, right? And why wouldn’t you do everything you could to increase the possibility of conversion?

Keep it fun!

My goal is to make your reading experience as comfortable as possible.

I Am Your Curator:

Pricing-wise I’m still very much experimenting with the price-points. Regardless of where I land here’s the point: I think we have a unique community that has a lot of value to advertisers and sponsors and I think they should pay a decent amount to have the right to be showcased in front of you.

I always tell people that I’m not the cheapest option but I’m a darn good one if you choose to move forward and work with me. I think it’s nearly impossible to completely explain the unique value and opportunity to be front-and-center in front of my community and I safeguard that opportunity pretty judiciously.

In fact, I consider it my charge to be curator of great businesses, products, and services for you guys. Just like how I curate my blog posts (as should you!) As I’ve mentioned in my Disclosure Policy I won’t ever accept an advertisement or share a product and service that I don’t fully love – and it would be darn hard to get on the blog if I haven’t actually used your product extensively myself – in fact, it would be impossible.

I love this community and I love my blog – I think the last few days have provided a level of clarity as I’ve invested the time, the coding, and the strategy to put advertisements up. It’s not just a drag-and-drop process – it takes a level of patience and care that most people don’t have and I think that unfortunately shows; I mean, you just know it when you see a blog that’s got advertisements on it and it just doesn’t “feel” right.

Thanks all for your continued support and we’ll see where we go! I can’t wait to share some of my specific learnings of advertising on this blog so that you can take those and use them yourself. If you’re Subscribed to this blog in the many various forms then you’ll be walking with me in real-time, or as close to it as I can fire off blog posts!

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend and that you ate a lot of hotdogs and burgers.