Adaptability and Success

A few choice things to think about…

  • Organizations that had strong norms for adaptability performed much better.
  • There is a strong relationship between the culture of an organization and the organization’s performance.
  • Willingness to experiment, quick to opportunity, being flexible, willing to tolerate some failure.
  • Managers should be sensitive to the fact that what they are really trying to do is create norms, create expectations around adaptability, and that they are widely shared among the organization.

4 levers that managers can use to create a culture around adaptability:

  1. Recognize the signals that they send to staff and employees.
  2. Make sure to create a culture of involvement of people, getting others engaged.
  3. Casting vivid illustrations about the company.
  4. Finding the right rewards, particularly not money.

Finally, think about Jack Welch about how being “relentless and boring” is essential because repeating messages effectively can build sustainable culture.

[Here’s a recent post that I found today as well: How to Build a Courageous Company Culture]