Adding an Effective Digital Colophon


I think it’s an important service for all of us to have digital colophons – you know, a list of the tools and apps that you use to get your junk done.

I realized this morning that I had never fully created a concise directory although I have written about the tools that I have and use quite often.

Consequently, I spent some time this morning to collect those into one central location which you can find here.

The impetus was simply a visit to a mainstay blog that I have been subscribed to for years and I accidentally clicked through to their actual blog instead of just reading their content via Feedly, my RSS Reader of choice. I clicked around, as I typically do often, and found a link to their colophon that I hadn’t seen (or remembered).

I was instantly struck (and reminded) by how helpful this really was and it didn’t take but a second to think of how useful it would be for others! So I blocked out some time this morning to do just that.

Here are some thoughts that I had about adding one yourself:

  1. Do It – It may be the most helpful thing you provide your readers, period. I am always curious about how the people I admire get their work done so I can steal a tip or trick from their system / strategy for my own. Why the heck not?
  2. Be Hyper-Critical – Only add tools and links to apps that you really use, not just the ones that you use randomly or that you want to make others believe that you use because it’s a cool app. Don’t waste people’s time and only share the ones that are really useful.
  3. Analog and Digital – I think it’s worth including not just the digital ones but also the analog as well.
  4. Fun and Introspection – I think this is also an opportunity to have a bit of fun as you introspect about the apps you use; ask yourself why you use it and if it’s really providing the right value for your time as you think about sharing it with others.
  5. Pare Down – In addition to #4 I think it’s also an opportunity for you to de-clutter your system(s) of worthless applications and appliances. Why not? It’ll make you feel more clean.
  6. Living Document – Make a commitment to keep it updated with apps that you add to your productivity methods and remove the ones that you have retired.
  7. Links – Obviously you want relevant links to the services that you use and especially to your own personal reviews of the apps (if you have them). Throw an affiliate link in there while you’re at it and get some coin. Oh, and make sure those links continue to work as sometimes they break as they can change over time.

I think that’s about it. Again, you can check out mine that I just finished this morning and please go ahead and link yours in the comments below! I’d love to see what you’re using!

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