Add Content to the End of Each Blog Post’s RSS Feed, Stop Content and RSS Syndication Theft!

Add content, links, or whatever else at the end of each post in RSS!

Have you ever wanted to add a little bit more to your RSS feed after each post? I know I have!

In fact, I already do as you can see in the image above (and then check out my RSS directly as well)!

Well with this simple and intuitive WordPress Plugin you can! We’ve created this plugin so that you can easily add more content to the end of each post in your reader’s RSS feed such as:

  1. Links to other blogs and web properties.
  2. Links to other content, blog posts, and more.
  3. Links to affiliate marketing, products, services.
  4. Or just some simple copy that says “Thanks!”

The sky is the limit here! But there’s one more neat feature that you need to know about…

Stop Content and Syndication Theft:

Stop those losers!

One of the biggest challenges that any blogger has is content theft – in other words, someone just copying and pasting your hard work into another blog post or an entirely different blog!

But the smart thieves don’t even waste anytime doing that! They just grab your RSS feed and then syndicate it into other blogs automatically! Doh!

Well, one of the ways to combat this is to add direct links back to the originating source and you can do just that with this WordPress Plugin. You see, we’ve automatically added a link back to the originating blog post so that you can stop content and RSS syndication theft from the get-go.

Done and done.

Ready to download it? Go get it right here!

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