Addiction: Video Games

Yes, yes you can:

In May, the World Health Organization officially added a new disorder to the section on substance use and addictive behaviors in the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases: “gaming disorder,” which it defines as excessive and irrepressible preoccupation with video games, resulting in significant personal, social, academic or occupational impairment for at least 12 months.

via NYTimes

I was (am?!) addicted to video games and went through some difficult times earlier in my marriage where I used them as excuses to avoid and escape the challenges of life — it was a huge part of the momentum that drove her away from me when we first started our lives together and I’ve been repairing the damage that it caused ever since.

I don’t play video games for hours on end anymore, but, I do let my mind actively wander to those once-attended worlds and I imagine the mind-numbing grind on endless mobs, collecting phat l00tz, and epic RNG drops, and the fun challenges of managing complex team events that required deft skill, flawless timing, and world-class leadership, teamwork, and a fuck-ton of luck.

… sounds like an early-stage startup, if you ask me.