Adsense Up for August, 2011

It’s been an amazing month in terms of my Google Adsense earnings as I’ve spent more and more time tweaking this and changing that to optimize the results.

And, as many of you already know, it’s been perfect timing as well as I started my long-awaited Adsense for Bloggers series that should help give some clarity, strategic, and tactical examples of how I’m making it work for me.

The previous month of July saw a payout of 3X growth and who wouldn’t be happy with something like that? I also estimated that I’d most likely see another bump in August as well, hoping for around $400 (pushing closer to $450) – well, I cleared $430, an increase of $73 month-over-month!

Very pleased that my estimates were pretty much on target!

I’m naturally very happy about that change and I hope to not stop there – in fact, in the month of September I was able to continue to spend a few moments each week optimizing positioning and size for even more impact.

And I think it’s going to pay off. My hope is that the check for September clears $500, another great increase month-over-month.

Here’s hoping, right?

One significant and visible change was the placement of one of the large ads on my sidebar to a placement right between the content and the comment layer as you can see here:

This atually ended us servicing not only more useful pageviews but also CTR and was one of many tweaks that I made that increased my payout for August, 2011 (and hopefully continuing on into September).

Now, I’ll be sharing more of my strategies as the Adsense Series continue but if you want an even more “behind the curtains” look I have a video post already up on our Community Forums going line-by-line my earnings for this current month.

I’ve done this before and it’s only available in the Forums and I honestly think it’s worth your time to take a look, besides the great community that’s being built as well as the crazy-challenging BlogX Workout Program that many of them are walking through.

Hope you had a great month and I would love to know how you did! Feel free to share in the commments!